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does the vb script knowledge is mandatery in testing using QTP

does the vb script knowledge is mandatery in testing using QTP..

Answer / siva

YES Minimum knowledge of Vb script knowledge is mandatory

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Hai Guys, can anybody show me how to write automaed test cases using VB scprit(examples)...i had an interviw soon...please guyz send as quickly as possible

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we have 10 more actions in our test and we are using exit action command to come out from the action if any error s occured.In action 1 if any error occurs control is moving to second action but if we get error in second action exitaction is throwing general run error. Please give a idea to overcome .

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HI I want to know the detials of QTP certifications such as syllabus, study Materil etc. Can any provide me all these details?? my mail ID is

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i need code for how to click on particular mail in utlook mail box .its urjent Thank You Balaji

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