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You work as the application developer at Certkiller .com.
You are developing a new
application named Certkiller App12.
Certkiller App12 must be configured to receive events
asynchronously. You define
two instances named Wq1EventQuery and ManagementEventWatcher
Wq1EventQuery will list those events and event conditions
for which
Certkiller App12 should respond. ManagementEventWatcher will
subscribe to all
events matching the query.
Which two additional actions should you still perform to
enable Certkiller App12 to
receive events asynchronously?
Choose two correct answers. Each answer presents only part
of the complete

You work as the application developer at Certkiller .com. You are developing a new application nam..

Answer / gaaa

A. Call the Start method of the ManagementEventWatcher to
start listening for events.
B. To configure a listener for events, use the EventArrived
event of the
C. To wait for the events, use the WaitFor NextEvent method
of the
D. Create an event handler class that contains a method
which receives an
ObjectReadyEventArgs parameter.
E. Use the Stopped event of the ManagementEventWatcher to
configure a listener for

Answer: A,B

Explanation: The ManagementEventWatcher will not start to
listen (hence the app
cannot respond to Async messages) until the start method is
called. Once the
ManagementEventWatcher is listening it will trigger an
EventArrived event every
time an event occurs that matches the query. You should
provide a listener for the
EventArrived event to perform any custom handling.
WaitForNextEvent method is synchronous i.e the current
thread will wait until a
matching event occurs
ObjectReadyEventArgs holds data for the ObjectReadyEvent.
The Stopped event is triggered when the
ManagmentEventWatcher cancels it's
subscription i.e is no longer interested in receiving
notification of events.

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