You work as the application developer at Certkiller .com. To
get information on a
specific method named myMethod, you use Reflection. You need
to find out if
myMethod can be accessed from a derived class.
Which of the following properties should you call from the
myMethod class?

You work as the application developer at Certkiller .com. To get information on a specific method ..

Answer / gaaa

A. Call the IsAssembly property.
B. Call the IsVirtual property.
C. Call the IsStatic property.
D. Call the IsFamily property.

Answer: D

Explanation: The IsFamily property determines whether the
method is accessible
onlsecy to the class and descendant classes.
IsAssembly determines accessibility from within the assembly.
IsVirtual indicates whether the method is virtual.
IsStatic indicates whether the method is static.

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