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Tell me some thing about Your favorite roll model?

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Tell me some thing about Your favorite roll model?..

Answer / sagar

My roll model is my "Mother", She is a post graduated. I
would like to be like my mom mostly because of her
character, sensitive thinking, Soft hearted & also helpful.
She teaches me what is right and what is wrong. She treats
me like her Friend. If any of our neighbor is in problem, My
Mom is the first person to help them.

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Tell me some thing about Your favorite roll model?..

Answer / md.ehtesham

i would like to say about my father,who is bussinesman. I
grew up with fasicnation of studies. People try to be modest
while refering to their parent as their role model or mentor
in life,but for me,the case is diff .I think there cant be
father cum teacher like my father. He always taught me to be
honest to one's goal.Money was never priority in his life
and will never be.He whole heartedly devoted his life to my
education. A very simple and honest person my father is man
of principle and discipline.i think it is not easy to be
parent. One need to have a lot of patience and
devotion.Children do imbibe the qualities from parent. When
it comes to me ,i have imbibed the qualities of honesty and
hardworking from my father,he has been biggest influence in
my life.

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Tell me some thing about Your favorite roll model?..

Answer / sathish

My roll model is my friend ramesh, we were educated
together in our college. whn he was is 2dn year he had some
family problem, he cant able to pay his college fees, exam
fees, he cant able to take care of him self. during that
days he worked in a callcenter at nights and he will attend
classes in mourning. he strugled almost for 6 months. and
now he well settled in software company. i learned from him
that every buddy will get bad days but that for short time,
and should belive in self. and should have confidence.

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Tell me some thing about Your favorite roll model?..

Answer / sarmatha tk

My Teacher , she taught tamil paper for me She leads her
life very simple and sacrify her life for her daughters.

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Tell me some thing about Your favorite roll model?..

Answer / vishnu

my rolemodel is my english mam.she taught me english when i
was in college.She teaches me concepts in grammar and
pronunciation in english.she is very friendly person.we
share our experience with each other mutually.she advises
me not to spend lavishly.

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Tell me some thing about Your favorite roll model?..

Answer / claire

My role model is my "brother" he is a goodperson.eventhough
he did not finished his college its not the hindrance for
him to stop dreaming of what he achieved now!

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Tell me some thing about Your favorite roll model?..

Answer / jagruti

My rollmodel is my father .He is very hardworking father is very kind in nature BT he is strict also .he always supports me to do what I want.
My father is my real hero .

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