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how to create flat file datasubmission in qtp

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I used the below code to open QTP through VBscript?But i can unable to Invoke QTP...PLZ help me with the correct code to invoke QTP through VBS with description of the code aswell. Dim qtApp 'As QuickTest.Application 'Declare the Application object variable Dim qtTest 'As QuickTest.Test 'Declare a Test object variable Dim qtResultsOpt 'Declare a Run Results Options object variable Set qtApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") 'Create the Application object qtApp.Launch 'Start QuickTest qtApp.Visible = False 'Make the QuickTest application visible qtApp.Open "C:\form", True 'Open the test in read-only mode 'set run settings for the test Set qtTest = qtApp.Test qtTest.Run 'Run the test 'WScript.StdOut.Write "Status is: " & qtTest.LastRunResults.Status 'Check the results of the test run qtTest.Close 'Close the test qtApp.quit 'Close QuickTest Pro Set qtResultsOpt = Nothing 'Release the Run Results Options object Set qtTest = Nothing 'Release the Test object Set qtApp = Nothing 'Release the Application object

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In QTP, If you have list of checkboxes, how can i select a particular checkbox and delete if the checkboxes are changing dynamically?

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How we can add actions in the test using QTP?

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can we do load testing , by using QTP......?

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what is the difference between data table and spread sheet?

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I want to scroll down in MSPAINT (captured a screen already). So that I can read the data in it through the step Window(paint).GetVisibleText for my validation. Anyone know the scripting for this?

1 Answers   TCS,

which type of testing process are you following in ur company? how to recognize a qtp page?

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i have asked earlier only one question how to test web application using QTp plz send me the answer quickly

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Name the different types of recording modes?

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where do you define the objects as regular expression when u are using regular expressions.

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What are the automation metrice in your project?

0 Answers   Accenture,

Should have experience in framework means?

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