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Why do you want to do MBA?

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Why do you want to do MBA?..

Answer / jethigeeta

because it advances one's career and increases
marketibility when combine with graduationand also MBA
helps one to know the intricacies of planning ,goalsetting
and interpersonnel skill which is very much required in
corporate world.

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Why do you want to do MBA?..

Answer / vijensharma

No great statue is possible to construct with out correct
tools. MBA is one of the important tools for achieving
success in business. The more sharp you learn to use it the
more fineness will develop.

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Why do you want to do MBA?..

Answer / subhashish ray

precisely speaking, being an electrical engineer a MBA degree will not only help me to understand the hard skills of the course content but it will also increase my horizon of knowledge base.. but more personally am looking forward to learn the skill such as time management, leadership etc. which is a very important aspect in todays business environment... i would rather say technology and management are the two sides of a same coin, which is very important to run an organization as a whole... i strongly believe there always be a point where the the management principles and technological aspects merge together to chart out a feasible product/innovation to the world.. they have to go hand in hand

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Why do you want to do MBA?..

Answer / zephyr

The MBA is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. It
is a degree designed to give you the ability to develop your
career to its fullest potential, at an accelerated pace.
What will you get out of an MBA? Aside from a powerful life
experience, the MBA degree should supply three main value
propositions: Skills, Networks, and Brand.

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Why do you want to do MBA?..

Answer / angelo

An M.B.A is the most powerful tool in today's scenario
which will help individuals to out-perform in any field of
operation and bring about a change to themselves and to the
corporate world. It is a machanism to get the work done in
a better way........

In todays competative world one can find lots of graduates
and engineers having the degree and earning not up to their
expectations,Dream job's can easily come to a person who
do's the MBA program.


Doing an mba in top B-school is not compulsarry but do it
in a decent and recoginised college
is a must.............

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Why do you want to do MBA?..

Answer / jyoti

sir I have always had the desire to be an entrepreneur and
to set up my own private enterprice.but before doing so I
need to have those skills which are necessary for running
ones own company. mba would instill in me all those
managerial skills,financial and marketing strategies and all
that is required to be a successful will
also help me understand each and every aspect of the
corporate world more efficiently which is why an mba is very
important for my future plans.

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Why do you want to do MBA?..

Answer / prashantbhambore

i believe that mba is the only way out to achieve the
organised goals of the company and gain progress on
personnel as well as on organisational level so i beileve
it is most imp...

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Why do you want to do MBA?..

Answer / rajesh

MBA will help me to accomplish my career objective and that is to work on a administrative position where i can use my decision making skills and can make some favourable strategies for orgenization. for gaining the power to make decision i will be requiring knowledge as well as skill set so mba programme will hlp me to gain knowledge of marketing finance and hrd and in the skill set i will add analyzing and communication skill. to do mba i opted for bba after completing school so m eligible for it by my mind and thinking process. apart from that it will hlp me to get job opprtunities and a better career.

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Why do you want to do MBA?..

Answer / jaydeep sharma

I want to do it because, I want to join myself with
business, and mba is the best platforme for connect with
business, I can do great works in business with help of MBA
so, It's most important for me.

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Why do you want to do MBA?..

Answer / mukesh kumar mandowara

I want to be become an Mba because i want to learn that how
can we manage a business and how can we input our strenght
in business so that our business can run easely with diser
% profit

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