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What are your suggestions for making workers participation
more affective in an IT industry?

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I am applying for vizag steel plant management recruitment for 2009 please can anybody send me the pattern of the written test paper

0 Answers  

complete the given series: o,t,t,f,f,s,s,_,_,t

2 Answers  

the biggest desert in the word is the

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what will your outlook towards the maintanance of liquid assets?

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Brazil is known for its production of

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in 100m race, A beats B by 10m and B beats C by 20m.By how much distance A beats C.

5 Answers   CAT, NET,

Determine the smallest 4 digit number which is exactly divisible by 10, 15 and 20

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wrong number in series is 1,6,33,165,740,2970,10395

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Who was the first president of the world bank?

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how will you manage liquid assets effectively?

1 Answers   Reliance,

what would be 50% of 10% of 25% of 40% of 60% of 2000?

5 Answers   Ignou,

Find the least number which when divided by 12,16 and 36 leaves remainder 7 in each case

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