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Write a c programme to find the product
of elements in one dimensionl array?

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who is the first president of india

4 Answers  

wrong number in series is 1,6,33,165,740,2970,10395

0 Answers  

Who was the first president of the world bank?

1 Answers  

what MBA exam i should appear in after doing graduation of bachelors of computer applicaions? and what other master's degree options are available after doing BCA?

1 Answers  

what will your outlook towards the maintanance of liquid assets?

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Dear sir i need central bank of india clerical grade last three year question papers. Kindly forward to my email id

0 Answers   Central Bank of India,

plz vote here for ssc cgl tier 2 2011 cutt off marks

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please send model question papers fo BANK PO EXAM QUESTION PAPERS

49 Answers   ABC, Andhra Bank, Bank Of India, Banking, BSRB, ICICI, Indian Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, Oriental Bank Of Commerce, Punjab National Bank, SMC, State Bank Of India SBI, UCO Bank,

in a year once,in a month two,in a week four, in a day six times?

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I am from bapatla engineering college,bapatla.Is work experience is neccesary to get admission in CAT IIM's

1 Answers  

Abhays age after three years will be three-seventh of his fathers age . ten years ago ,the ratio of their ages was 1:5 . what is Abhays fathers age at present ?(*** plz give explanation also***)

5 Answers   CAT,

what is the height of patent cylinder?

1 Answers   Oberoi, Taj Group,