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Why do you want to do MBA?

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Why do you want to do MBA?..

Answer / saptarshi banerjee

I want to do MBA to achive all the qualities which should be
in a good leader.

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Why do you want to do MBA?..

Answer / kumar ravi

To accelerate my knowledge, skills etc. so that i could
decrease the rate of unemployement from the country. Mainly
i want to work for low living peoples with low literacy

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Why do you want to do MBA?..

Answer / roshan hero

I want to do it because, I hope MBA is my Life Partner and
i won't live without MBA. thanks

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Why do you want to do MBA?..

Answer / roshan

I want to do MBA becouse it is my Intention and i don't
wanna forget my intention, one thing more MBA is raf and
tuf Study&job and i like this type Study and job...Thanx

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Why do you want to do MBA?..

Answer / yogesh

i want do mba decause i know that i have ablity to lead
the people & i can autherise them

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Why do you want to do MBA?..

Answer / sarang powar

Because it is the need of the current industry.
It is very important to boost the industrial sector.

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Why do you want to do MBA?..

Answer / mr. roshan

I want to do MBA Becouse MBA is my very Ruf and Tuf
Study/Job and i like it, i can't do any thikg without MBA.

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