what is meant by smoke Testing??

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what is meant by smoke Testing??..

Answer / sari

somke test is nothing but checking the application is
stable or not

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what is meant by smoke Testing??..

Answer / salma

Smoke testing will be done before starting the functional
Testing to ensure the system 'basically' works.

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what is meant by smoke Testing??..

Answer / dinesh

There is always a great confusion between smoke and sanity
testing. Hope i can give u better clarity.

Basically smoke test is derived from electrcal comapny
where they use to check whether the component or equipment
catches smoke once if the turn on or plug in that componet
with power supply. if it doesnt catches smoke or fire it is
taken to next level of sanity testing where basic
functionalites are tested.

Similarly, in Softwares, smoke can be better reffered to
installation and application launching testing as smoke
test.(i.e chacking whether the application exe can be
successfully installed in all the given environments
without crashing and then after successfull installation
the user is able to launch/open the application.)
And sanity testing is dont to ensure whether all the
basic and mojor functionalities are working fine.

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what is meant by smoke Testing??..

Answer / srividhya.p

Smoke Testing: Before releasing the software to the
testers,developers verify or test the software whether it is
completely developed or not.this is done by developer in
development environment.

Sanity Testing: After getting the software build from
developers,testers conduct a test on a software build
whether it is able to test or not.this is done by tester in
the testing environment.

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what is meant by smoke Testing??..

Answer / sudhakar8

Smoke Testing is used to check basic functionality of the

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what is meant by smoke Testing??..

Answer / warpkill

Smoke testing is often referred to a point in development
where the programmer/engineer has deemed that section of
code or hardware ready So at that point it is superficially
tested before a full testing regiment is executed. This
phase is often done in software development where new builds
or versions are created often. This practice is very
important and time saving for the test group where the
developer/engineer is not in the same location.

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what is meant by smoke Testing??..

Answer / pradeep

Smoke tetsting is checking the major functionalty of the
application working or not, before delivering to the client.

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