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What do you if I reject your visa

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Why you choosed Business administration when you have completed high school in science?

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I got 3 rejection 2 in july & one in aug all 3 times i went 4 NYIT for pursuing my Master in computer science. I have done BBA & MEB (Master of E-business) now i ll try in december but this time i have change my uni as well as course This time i ll go for bridgeport uni and my course is MS in Technology mgt, so what would be my ans this time when they ask me why you have change your course? Why you have change your uni? pls ans me on my e-mail id

0 Answers   US Consulate,

I am planning to do my higher studies in Fall 2010. I am getting married in June 2010 and I want to do my higher studies in F1 visa. My queries are as follows: Is it true that we cannot pursue higher studies in H4 visa for atleast an year? In what way does the marital status affect my chances of getting F1 visa? If I am rejected F1 visa, can I re-apply for H4 visa, and if so, is there a minimun time gap that should be given before reapplying for H4 visa? Thanks in advance.

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Can my uncle can sponsor my US education? Since my father is expired as my mother is not working, My mothers bother I mean my uncle can he finance my studies I mean can his sponsor will be allowed with any restrictions of getting visa?

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What is difference between analog signal and digital signal. .?

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give me some details about your university. and hw did u find this university

2 Answers   Visa,

Hello everybody.......I am Vishal from Bangalore....I have secured admission in a flight school at USA for commercial pilot training. Ill be appearing for M1 visa interview at US consulate (Chennai) shortly. I am not taking any professional guidance for my visa interview, so i would glad if you guys can answer few of my questions and advise me on the same. Let me tel you guys a lil about my training. The duration of my training is 7-9months. The cost of my training as mentioned on I-20 is $45000 U.S. dollars. It includes 6 months accommodation, food and and utility expenses. I have got a education loan from a nationalized bank. The bank has sanctioned $41500 U.S. dollars. My parents are funding the remaining amount required for my training and other personnel expense . My first questions that, Apart from the $45000 U.S. dollars how much more funds will the interviewer expect me to have at the time of my interview. My second question is regarding the work permit. As you guys know currently air carriers in India are suffering badly, so they have stopped hiring pilots. If i perform well my flight school is ready to employ me as a instructor. However with M1 visa i can stay only for a year without any work permit. So is it possible to apply for work permit and get my visa extended at the end of my training without having come to India? Kindly advise... Regards

1 Answers   Visa,

Dear friends my Visa got rejected twice for fall admission in a month, on 3rd june and 16th june, Can I apply again for the same Fall semester, Actually apoinments are not available and emergency slots are also not there for students rejected twice in last six months, what can I do, pls suggest??

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Is Police Checking Done for getting visa confirmation as that done when we have applied for passport?? If police checking doesnot include personal interview by police officals, then how is police clearance done for getting visa.......... Please reply soon if any one knows

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Hi All, My names is Raj. I've applied for my MBA in Business Administration for Jan Intake 2011. I have completed my computer science engineering in the year 2006 and worked for companies like & Dimdim software(9months) starting 2007 as business development executive. Will this effect any doubts to VO's or will my experience matters them alot as worked for top notch companies and if questioned by them, can you help me what kind of answers do they question me on this grounds. Thank You....Also plz mail me on

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Why should I allow you the visa?

5 Answers   ABC,

Do you know which state this university is located?

2 Answers   Intel,

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