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I need to learn everything I can about the different types of Test Activities (i.e., Test Strategy, Test Plan, Test Cases, etc.). What is the best online resource?

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Faults found should be originally documented by whom?

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Test cases Asignment 1. Write test cases for if your pendrive is not working 2. Write test cases for if optical mouse is not working 3. Write test cases for login id if its range is of 11 alphanumeric 4. Write test cases for if next button is working or not 5. Write test cases for,where bike max race is 120 km/h Mail me on

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What is control structure testing?

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what is cohensive testing and span control?

0 Answers   MBT, QA,

What is software failure?

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What is Risk Mitigation and Risk Contingency plans? Please explain in details with examples.

3 Answers   Ami Tech, Deloitte,

Explain beta testing?

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what are release plan components?

0 Answers   CTS,

kya aurat ko taleem dena islam men jaez hi

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Hi friends, my company has not having any certification related to qulaity say for example iso,cmmlevels,etc... but they want to get cmm-level-5, tell me what are the process to be taken to get cmm-level-5 certification.. pl answer if anyone know the process, thanks in advance.

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How do you verify the test results and how do you proceed when you do not get the expected results?

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Explain 'Software metrics'?

1 Answers   TCS,