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What is Functional, Non-Functional, and Regression Testing used for (i.e. the purpose of each)?

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What would you say to your boss if he?s crazy about an idea, but you think it stinks?

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what do u mean by cookie, session-id?

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What is Gap Analysis

5 Answers  

What is a 'walkthrough' in Software Testing?

0 Answers   MCN Solutions,

Explain a variable?

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Hello! I want to choose a software for verfication and validation. Can some one give me option for choosing software to test?

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what is the role of external testing companies?

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When a bug is found, what is the first action?

3 Answers   TCS,

i am fresher in manual to do database testing as a manual tester.suggest me some answers,so that i will have a clear idea adout database testing.

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If the client identified some bugs to whom did he reported?

6 Answers   Accenture,

Hi, Pls tell me what is system use case with a example nd who prepares it.Pls anyone help me.

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What are different types of protocols used in transportation and session layers of SAN?

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