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What is Functional, Non-Functional, and Regression used for (i.e. the purpose of each)?

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what are the Most common problems in a web based application in testing point of view?

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Describe your ideal working environment.

0 Answers   ICICI,

What is the difference between functional test type and navigation test type?

3 Answers   Value Labs,

I am asked to create Usability testing methodology document, basically listing the Procedures & methodology to/for: a. Entry criteria Exit criteria for usability test b. Deliverables d. Methods of doing Reviews and inspection e. Methods of Reporting f. at which testing phase usability testing is done in v model Is there any sample document/template available on Internet? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

0 Answers   NIC,

What is boundary value testing?

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What is the role of moderator in the review process?

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how to use bugzilla plz tell me details processs

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What the meaning of code walk through is?

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what is the difference between QTP 9.1 and ATP 9.2

2 Answers   Avantas, Semantic Space,

What is the point of reference by which something can be measured? 1. Benchmark 2. Baseline 3. Metric 4. Measure 5. Indicator

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explain what test tools you will need for client server testing

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when a new testing tool is puchased it should be used first by

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