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If I have a file with 5 record and that file has 2 Key field and I want to read the unique record of the file then how can we achieve it?

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I have one cl program which calls two rpg programs named a & b. I am loading a run time array in Pgm A and the control comes back to cl pgm. i call pgmb and I want to read the runtime array in pgmb which was loaded in pgma. How it can be acheived. I should not use any intermediate file or dataarea to store the loaded values.

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i have 1000 records in pf.what are all the ways to read a particular name records in rpg?? ie.. in pf i have a name called demo appeared around 52 times hw will we read this particular records in rpg/400?.

11 Answers   IBM,

What does Implicit Open means with respect to a file ? What about the Explicit Open?..what are the major differences between these two?

1 Answers   IBM,

Im traying to get out put of this below mention simple logic code.But im geting out of different.(im trying with my laptop trhough my company server. DCL &FIELD1 *CHAR 10 VALUE('TCS AS/400') DCL &FIELD2 *CHAR 10 CHGVAR(%SST(&FIELD2 1 10))(%SST(&FIELD1 10 1) Can you tell me the value of field2 after excuted of CHGVAR command.

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When a object will be locked & when a record will be locked? Plz explain.

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what is meant by record records are locked.what is the purpose of record lock.if records are locked what to find out which record is locked.

4 Answers   HCL,

how do I play {insert rpg system here}?

0 Answers   IBM,

Can we found a record existance in a file w/o reading the file?

6 Answers   Traitsys Technologies,

What is journalling and commitment control?

3 Answers   IBM,

How can we change element of compile time array?Can we do so

1 Answers   TCS,

Delete FileName at first statement in RPG.

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What is I90(Insure 90)?

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