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1. If there are two programs using same file and 2 users are using the file at the same time and what can be done to allow them both to access?
2. How can remove lock from the file for accessing it by both users?

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I know whole thing ab't Arrays related to declaration..can anyone tell me what exactly use of array or anyone faced a situation where he found use of array must....

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what is the difference between the procedure and module in ILERPG?

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How to sort an array in descending in RPG

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How Chain operation copies the record's data to the input buffer for the program?

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Is it possible to call a subfile using CL. IF yes.. kindly help me out with explanation...?

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1) How to declare a file? 2) How to define a display file? 3) How to monitor error messages in RPG? 4) How to find the attributes for subfiles? and what is the DDS for subfiles?

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i have a file with the values 10, 20, 30, 40, if am setll with the value 25 then readp, so what it will return?

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in which journalling which attributes are necessary

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how to check on which PF , the LF is dependant ?

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I know chain keyword retreive records randomly but how chain keyword exactly works internally????

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what is difference between DSPFD and DSPFFD?please give me real senario with good example?

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Hi,Please give me complete code with this logic. The question is how to read the records from a file with load an array of size with error condition? (The logic is Z-Add 0 IDX *LOVAL SETLL FILE READ FILE 99 *IN9 DOWEQ *OFF IDX ANDLT 99 ADD 1 IDX MOVE FIELD ARR,IDX READ FILE 99 ENDDO)please give me complete code with explanation?

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