Why we have multiple data types in As400 and why we use numeric, packed, decimal, zoned the basic difference between this?

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what are dds required for subfile?

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what is the purpose of DMPCLPGM IN CL?

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which of the cl command can be used to determine which logical files are dependent on a specific file?

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What are the different types of access paths maintained on the file?

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how can we view the entire objects and its types in a pgm?

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I am fresher 2009 passedout.can you pls explain me what is AS400 and where it can be used and how about growth in the position as well as salary, whether it is a programming language or else?

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how many triggers can be associated with a file?

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What is the purpose of OVRDTA keyword ?

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I want to run ls *.csv (sftp command) from CL Program... Can u plz tell me when SFTP command will start running? i.e.which command should I use in CL Program to run ls command?

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What do you mean by ODP?

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how do you turn off indicators 50 through 59 in only one operation

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What is array in as400? What are the types of array?

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