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. Babur was born in 1483 at

(1) Farghana

(2) Kabul

(3) Samarqand

(4) Tashkent

. Babur was born in 1483 at (1) Farghana (2) Kabul (3) Samarqand (4) Tashkent..

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( 1 ) Farghana

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The tabla is believed to have been invented by (1) Malik Mohammad Jaisi (2) Amir Khusrau (3) Pir Bodhan (4) Zain-ul-Abidini

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. The interim government formed in 1946 was headed by (1) Jawaharlal Nehru (2) Dr. Rajendra Prasad (3) Mahatma Gandhi (4) C. Rajagopalachari

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I have completed B.Sc BZC but appsc asked for the post of Extension Officer Gr.I qualification BZC Home science so am I eligible for that post

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when will be the group2 exams announced for 2009?plz tell me Iwant to write the exams?

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Please send me the Latest Material about Punjab Public Service Commission, Lahore regarding his One Papaer Written Test (its include all graduation English, Mathematics,General Knowledge, Urdu etc.,)

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. Mudra Rakshas, famous historical drama was written by (1) Kautilya (2) Ajata Satru (3) Visakhadatt (4) Bana

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Who is the union petroleum minister

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The author of ‘Gabbilam’ : (a) Boyi Bhimanna (b) Jashua (c) Chilakamarthi (d) Guruzada

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. Industries owned and run by a group of people who are generally producers of raw materials of the industry belong to which sector of economy? (1) Cooperative sector (2) Joint sector (3) Private sector (4) Public sector

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hi,i am sreedevi.i am prepareing Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector in AP.Transport Subordinate Service,if any one have previous year model pares or some questions,pls send me at thank q.......

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Which of the following products provides the highest contribution to the Indian Government in the form of taxes? (1) Cigarettes (2) Liquor (3) Oil (4) Automobiles

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Which dynasty ruled Golconda (1512-1681) : (a) Khilji dynasty (b) Adilshai dynasty (c) Qqutub Shahi dynasty (d) All the above

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