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. The new offshore oil belt is being developed at

(1) Bombay High

(2) Ratnagiri

(3) Ankaleswar

(4) None

. The new offshore oil belt is being developed at (1) Bombay High (2) Ratnagiri (3) Ankales..

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( 2 ) Ratnagiri

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give me information about group-2

0 Answers   APPSC,

. Which of the following is a progressive tax (1) Income Tax (2) Sales Tax (3) Excise Duty (4) Customs Duty

1 Answers   Income Tax,

The first women who joined the salt satyagraha in the Nellore District was (a) Paturi Subbamma (b) Ponaka parvathamma (c) Paturi Balasarswathamma (d) D. Subhamma

4 Answers  

. The Vice-President of India is (1) Appointed by the President (2) Elected by the people (3) Elected by Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha (4) Elected by State Legislatures

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The downfall of the Gupta empire was mainly due to the invasions of (a) The pallavas (b) The Hunas (c) Cholas (d) All the above

1 Answers  

The acid generally used in storage batteries is (1) Sulphuric acid (2) Nitric acid (3) Hydrochloric acid (4) Acetic acid

1 Answers   APPSC,

Muhammad Quli Qutub was a great builder he builds (a) Charminar (b) Jami Masjid (c) Chananamahal (d) All the above

2 Answers  

. The territorial limits of the Mughal empire in India were the maximum during the reign of (1) Akbar (2) Aurangzeb (3) Humayun (4) Shahjahan

2 Answers  

hi friends.will you pls tell me about group2 coaching centres in hyderabad.near by ameerpet.

1 Answers  

Ramanujacharya founded (a) Advaitavedanta (b) Visistadvaita (c) Vyshnavism (d) Dvaita

2 Answers  

. The Pandya kingdom was known all over the world for its (1) Pearls (2) Leather goods (3) Silk (4) Spices

1 Answers  

The Reddi king who built Steps to facilitate the scent to the great shrine of God Mallikarjuna of SriSailam and God Narasimhaswami on the Ahobalagiri was (a) Anavema Reddi (b) Kumaragiri Reddi (c) Allada Reddi (d) Prolaya Vema Reddi

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