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System.effective_date system variable is read only True/False

System.effective_date system variable is read only True/False..

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How can we generate report output in excel format?

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What are visual attributes?

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What are the built_ins used the display the LOV?

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What is the usage of the confine mode in Layout Editor ?

2 Answers   Convergys,

List the Types of Items?

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how can u store a picture file in oracle database? explain the path/command?

1 Answers   GE, Satyam,

What are the types of visual attribute settings?

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Which of the above methods is the faster method?

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Hi...... I created a report which is geneated in .txt format. What I do for this is 1.First I change the system parameter mode to character in the report. 2.Then I place a button in my form to call the report. code in the button is as follows.. DECLARE rePid REPORT_OBJECT; rep_hndl VARCHAR2(100); BEGIN rePid := Find_Report_Object('reptxt.rdf'); Set_Report_Object_Property(rePid,Report_deStype,FILE); Set_Report_Object_Property(rePid,Report_FileName,'d:\sasi\reports\reptxt.rdf'); Set_Report_Object_Property(rePid,Report_desName,'d:\sasi\output\repprint.txt'); rep_hndl := Run_Report_Object(rePid); END; and it is working.. Now the problam is that when I preview the report from the report builder, it is in the format I needed. But when I run the form and run the report,Its alligment is not correct. Regards abc

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What is a difference between pre-select and pre-query?

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What is the difference between object embedding & linking in Oracle forms?

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What are the two ways to incorporate images into a oracle forms application?

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