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i have H1b visa interview in chennai ambessay.please
suguest how to prepare the interview? how much time they
will take an interview?

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i have H1b visa interview in chennai ambessay.please suguest how to prepare the interview? how mu..

Answer / vamsidhar

Hi dude all the best for the inter view if not yet gone
thru, i would suggest u some information,which personaly i feel,
The main question arises is how confident u r, ur
bodylanguage ur personality all these comprises ur
confidence a small example is when ever we tell a lie to our
parents we spit it out very confidently even though we done
the mistake , the same takes in the intrvw,next comes ur
documents which ned to be geniuine what ever reflect in docs
should be perect along with spellings ,n website address if
mentioned,a smile on face will cross all the hurdles in the
intrvw which also reflects ur confidence n says u r
geniuine.anyways take suggestions from ur elders all the
very best dude i pray for ur success.

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i have H1b visa interview in chennai ambessay.please suguest how to prepare the interview? how mu..

Answer / naren

Hardly three to five minutes but it depends on ur confidence
Be preapre with the questions
Why r u travelling to US?
because ur employer is sending u on intra transfer to ur
client side
Where it is located?ur designation (as per petition),ur
salary,ur IT experience,ur role in US,
its better prepare abt ur clnt and also the application u r
going to handle there
and one more intersting question y only u?
then u can say if ur back ground is related uc an sya that
or else say u have got expertise in that application

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Hi All, I am appearing for H1B interview for 2008-09 through a consultant, who has promised me a Contractor job if I get selected. However I do not wish to work with this group,I want to look for a job on the basis of H1B in hand and later transfer the visa to new employer, Is this possible? If yes how to go about it?

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i have H1b visa interview in chennai ambessay.please suguest how to prepare the interview? how much time they will take an interview?

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Last year I applied for H1 and I got H1 now, Now I am finding the details about H1 Interview Process ? - Do I need to prepare for this ? - Is there any thing I need to study or care about before appearing in H1-B Interview ? - Is there any chance of rejection as I heard now H1-B visa approval restriction ?

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Do you have any company photographs?

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Hi,My husband is approved for H1B visa and he needed to book for interview on September to go in October. He was once rejected B1 visa on March same year but we lost the paper and do not exactly remeber the reason of rejection but we know that it was because there was no enough ties for him in the UK and they were doubtful about if he would come back or not. If we cannot provide them the right reason, will they reject our visa. We have only got the papers which say that his H1B visa is approved.Please reply. Tina

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Can you show me the pictures of the company in the US?

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Hi , This is regarding H1 appointment booking . when we are booking shall we choose our own time?. Or if we don't like given time , shall we change it. please answer this. thanks.

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Hi, my file has been selected in 2008 quota. I've my file no. My consultant is not allowing me for stamping or interview till the market goes well in US. I dont have any other document except file no. can i go for stamping jst on file no. without knowing my consultant? I want to go US what should i do?

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Hi All, This is karthik from bangalore, I have applied for my H1B and it got selected in lotto and it's approved on June 19 2008.Now i am waiting for mu interview date. I am working here with a software company for 3 years but before 6 months it was taken over by another concern and now all my revisal letter and pay slip will have both the companies name logo etc..... my questions is.. Will it affect anyway in my H1B interview?

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Hi, My petition for H1B has been approved. There is a problem though. In my passport my name has been mentioned as VATSA TANGA. But in all my certificates and educational documents my name is mentioned as SRI VATSA TANGA. On asking the person responsible for visa process in my company, he said that I should not go for a change in the passport name, because the petition was approved on the basis of the name mentioned in the passport ie.VATSA TANGA. Please tell me what should I do now. Should I get a document from a notary saying that VATSA TANGA and SRI VATSA TANGA is the same person? Please suggest.

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My certificates(10+2 onwards) are having the Surname of my parents mentioned but my Passport(which was made based on 10th certificate where even my name was without surname and I made it after changing my name adding the surname) is not having the surname of my parents mentioned. My question is, will it be a problem for me when I apply the H1B visa? I do have the US B1 visa. Now, If I change my passport for the correction, will I have to change anything else apart from the Passport as well? Please reply me on

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what is the turn over of company?

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