please give me the template of tracebility matrix ? i need
whicch is commanly used in real time...

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please give me the template of tracebility matrix ? i need whicch is commanly used in real time.....

Answer / rajendra

Following ten columns will be the in Traceability matrix.
1.Requirement ID( the Requirement id provided in the SRS
2.Requirements (Requirement Descrition)
3.High Level Design (document reference)
4.Implementation Design(implemented or not)
5.Source Code (Component/class Program Name)
6.User Documentation(preparation)
7.Unit Test Case Id(Unit test case ID's)
8.Integration Test Case Id (Integration test case ID's)
9.System Test Case Id (System Test case Id's)
10.Release / Build Number(build release number)
It will give coverage of Testcases at different levels of


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please give me the template of tracebility matrix ? i need whicch is commanly used in real time.....

Answer / suchitra

Hi friends,

Plz check out the Traceability matrix template:
1. Requirement ID
2. Risks
3. Requirement Type (User or System)
4. Requirement Description
5. Trace to User Requirement/Trace From System Requirement
6. Trace to Design Specification
7. UT * Unit Test Cases
8. IT * Integration Test Cases
9. ST * System Test Cases

The Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) captures the
complete user and system requirements for the system, or a
portion of the system. The RTM captures all requirements
and their traceability in a single document, and is a
mandatory deliverable at the conclusion of the lifecycle.

I hope this explains
10. UAT * User Acceptance Test Cases
11. Trace to Test Script

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