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How many types of functions are there in sql?

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What is sql clause?

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How do I view a sql trace file?

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what are the advantages of using stored procedures? : Sql dba

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How does postgresql compare to mysql?

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What are tables and fields in the database?

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what is the difference between implicit conversions and explicit conversions?

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how a reference cursor works?what all adnvantages are gained with it..specify the situation?

4 Answers   TCS,

How to create a table using constraints... IF i change the PARENT KEY value ,then CHILD KEY table will also to change in the another table... plz reply ur answers @ Arunkumar

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how to delete an existing column in a table? : Sql dba

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What is a scalar value in sql?

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How does join work in sql?

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How do you truncate?

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