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What does where 1/2 mean in sql?

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Write a query to find the employees from EMP table those who have joined in Monday. (there is a column as hiredate which is a date column i.e values are like 03-DEC-81)

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How many sql databases can you have on one server?

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What happens if a procedure that updates a column of table X is called in a database trigger of the same table ?

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What is pls integer?

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what is meant by nl2br()? : Sql dba

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Which command is used to delete a trigger?

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Mention what plvcmt and plvrb does in pl/sql?

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what is autonomouse transaction?

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What is referential integrity ?

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Define select, insert, create, delete, update, drop keywords

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Why are sql stored procedures used?

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Hello All, Could any well write a query for the following scenario. Account(table name) No Name Amount 1 ABCD 2000.00 2 DEFG -2000.00 3 GHIJ 3000.50 4 JKLM 4000.00 5 MNOP 6000.00 O/p Should be in this format No Name Credit Debit 1 ABCD 2000.00 0 2 DEFG 0 -2000.00 3 GHIJ 3000.50 4 JKLM 0 -4000.00 5 MNOP 6000.00 o could any one give appropriate query for this Thnks in Advance Suneel Reddy

6 Answers   Target,