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How do you rank data in sql?

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What is sqlexception in java?

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My select statement is not working as expected, So, to overcome from such issues what are the steps needed to be taken care?

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what is the difference between char_length and length? : Sql dba

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how does a local variable is defined using t-sql? : Transact sql

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Any attempt to navigate programmatically to disabled form in a call_form stack is allowed?

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What is pivot in sql?

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Mention what does plv msg allows you to do?

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How to Execute a Package in PL/SQL.?

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1. what is the exact use of hint in sql. 2. How we can avoid index scan in sql even though index is there in the table.

1 Answers   Polaris,

What are types of indexes in sql?

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i have a table eno dno sal 1 10 200 2 10 150 3 10 100 4 20 75 5 20 100 i want to get sal which is less than the avg sal of thri dept. eno dno sal 2 10 150 3 10 100 4 20 75

11 Answers   IBM,

Explain locks? : Transact sql

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