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?Suvidha? fixed deposit scheme was launched by

1 ICICI Bank

2 City Bank

3 State Bank of India


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?Suvidha? fixed deposit scheme was launched by 1 ICICI Bank 2 City Bank 3 State Bank of Ind..

Answer / guest

(4) IDBI

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?Suvidha? fixed deposit scheme was launched by 1 ICICI Bank 2 City Bank 3 State Bank of Ind..

Answer / anwesha

icici bank

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Which part of the brain controls respiration ? (a) Cerebral cortex (b) Medulla (c) Cerebellum (d) Cerebrum

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After the death of the President, the Vice-President holds that office up to a maximum period of (a) One year (b) Two years (c) Nine months (d) Six months

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Who among the following is the Chairman of National Commission of Labour? 1 Sunil Shastri 2 Rahul Bajaj 3 G.P.goenka 4 Ravindra Varma

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Government of India has decided to pre-pay the debt of World Bank and Asian Development Bank. In terms of US dollar, the amount of this debt comes to around 1 $1 billion 2 $2 billion 3 $3 billion 4 $5 billion

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Montreal Protocol is related to (A) Ozone depletion (B) Nuclear weapons (C) Landmines (D) Sea-bed

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Into how many commands is the Indian Army organized? (a) Four (b) Five (c) Six (d) Seven

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. The Himalayas are formed of parallel fold ranges of which the oldest range is (a) The siwalik Range (b) The Lesser Himalayas (c) The Great Himalayan Range (d) The Dhaula Dhar Range

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Vira saiviam was approad in Andhra by: (1) Panditaradhaya (2) Somanatha (3) Basava (4) Visvesvara

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Hutchison Whampao, the telecommunications major, is headquartered in 1 Singapore 2 China 3 Hong Kong 4 Malaysia

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In economic field, very often, the term ?Price Index? is used. If the Price Index in May 1985 was 355, then what does it mean?A) The prices on the average were more than three and a half times as much.B) The prices were 255 per cent higher than what they were in 1970-71 (the earlier base year).C) As compared to the earlier base year, May 1985 was full of various commodities and the supply was 300 times better than the earlier years.Which of these statements is/are true ? (1) Only A (2) Only B (3) Only C (4) Only A & B (5) None of these

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. Which of the following statements are associated with Wardha Resolution? (a) It was approved by All India Congress Committee (b) The Congress offered to cooperate with war efforts if demands were accepted (c) If the proposals were rejected the congress would start a non-violent movement (d) All of these

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?The Satanic Verses?, the controversial book written by India born British author Salaman Rushdie, is a/an: (a) epic (b) drama in prose (c) poetic drama (d) novel

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