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Which of the following is not a vehicle from General Motors?

1 Vectra

2 Optra

3 Elantra

4 Tavera

Which of the following is not a vehicle from General Motors? 1 Vectra 2 Optra 3 Elantra ..

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(3) Elantra

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What is the chemical name of the talc from which the talcum powder is made? 1 Calcium sulphate 2 Magnesium silicate 3 Silver nitrate 4 Sodium thiosulphate

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The Lok Sabha enjoys co-equal powers with Rajya Sabha regarding the (a) Impeachment of President (b) Election of the vice-President (c) Amendment of the Constitution (d) All of these

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Which of the following is not a Central Government tax? (A) Corporation tax (B) Customs Duty (C) Income Tax (D) Land Revenue

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Chief Minister of a state is responsible to ? a) Governor b) Legislative Assembly c) Prime Minister d) Rajya Sabha

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Who is the first lady Prime Minister of india?

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Akhnoor bridge, which was recently in the news, is built over which of the following rivers? 1 Sindhu 2 Ravi 3 Sutlej 4 Chenab

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Retina in the eyes acts as a 1 Lens in the camera 2 Shutter in the camera 3 Film in the camera 4 None of these

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What is the colour of laterite soil ? (a) Yellow (b) Brown (c) Red (d) Pink

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