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IMF has projected India?s economic growth rate for 1999-2000
at about

1 2%

2 3%

3 3.5%

4 5%

IMF has projected India?s economic growth rate for 1999-2000 at about 1 2% 2 3% 3 3.5% ..

Answer / guest

(4) 5%

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The winners of the 1983 Wimbled on Tennis tournament were: (1) Martina Navratilova, John Mc. Enrore (2) Martina Navratilova and Connors (3) Martina Navratilova and Lendl (4) Christ Llyoyd and Mc. Enroe

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The earthworm increases the fertility of soil because it 1 Adds nitrogen to it 2 Survives by eating harmful bacteria of soil 3 Turns over large masses of soil 4 Its secretion makes fertililsers easily dissolvable

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In a ??? budget revenue equals expenditure. (a) Surplus (b) Deficit (c) Balanced (d) None of the above

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The most suitable reason for the establishment of overseas colonies by the ancient Greeks was: (a) inter city-state clashes (b) scarcity of land in Greece (c) people were hardy and adventurous (d) difficulties of travel and communication on land

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What is the motto inscribed under our national emblem? (a) Satyam, Shivam (b) Satyam, Sarvatra, Sundaram (c) Satyameva Jayate (d) Jai Hind

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The Union Government meets the financial needs of the States through: (a) devolution of revenues (b) grants in and of state revenues (c) giving loans (d) all the above

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The crop which is sown with the commencement of Monsoon is: (a) Rabi crop (b) Kharif crop (c) Cash crop (d) None of these

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The largest proportion of the total outlay of the Five Year Plans in India is mobilized through : (1) Direct taxes (2) Deficit financing (3) External borrowing (4) Indirect taxes

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R D Birla National Award is given annually for: (a) outstanding Social Welfare Services (b) progress and innovation in industry (c) high productivity (d) Outstanding research work in medical and related fields

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Pragathi patham is: (1) Fifteen point programme of Telugu Desham (2) Women emancipation scheme (3) Rural Employment Programme (4) An answer to 20 point programme

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Which of the following countries in not directly related with the issue of NATO attacks on Kosovo? 1 Russia 2 Iran 3 U.S.A 4 Germany

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. Farm land tends to erode most rapidly when planted with (a) Sorghum (b) Potato (c) Wheat (d) Clover

2 Answers   Prasar Bharati, SSC,