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ONGC has planned to invest approximately how many crore of
rupees during the next three years for the development of
Bombay Offshore oil fields?

1 Rs.2000 crore

2 Rs.3000 crore

3 Rs.5000 crore

4 Rs.8000 crore

ONGC has planned to invest approximately how many crore of rupees during the next three years for t..

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( 4) Rs.8000 crore

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More General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions

Any dispute regarding the violation of fundamental rights can be presented ? a) In the Supreme Court only b) In the High Court only c) Either in the Supreme Court or in the High Court d) First in the Supreme Court and then in the High Court

1 Answers  

Which State is bounded by Bangladesh on three sides ? (a) Mizoram (b) Meghalaya (c) West Bengal (d) Tripura

8 Answers   GPSC Gujarat Public Service Commission, GSF Cossipore, RRB, RRC Railway Recruitment Cell,

The Secretary General of the Lok Sabha, who is the Chief of its Secretariat, it: (A) appointed by the Speaker (B) appointed by the President (C) elected by the Lok Sabha (D) elected by both the Houses of Parliament

3 Answers   FCI, ICICI, SSC,

Bee dance are meant for 1 Communication 2 Recreation 3 Courtship 4 None of these

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Which of the following is not a gland? 1 Stomach 2 Liver 3 Kidney 4 Pancreas

4 Answers   Liver,

As per the Indian Protocol, who among the following ranks highest in the order of precedence ? (a) Deputy Prime Minister (b) Former President (c) Government of a State within his State (d) Speaker of Lok Sabha

4 Answers   Ignou, ONGC,

. The age of Harappan Civilization determined by (a) Harappan seals at Mesopotamia (b) Mesopotamia seals at Harappa (c) Harappan sites (d) Carbon-14

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The ?Khilafat Movement? was started by: (a) Ali Brothers (b) M A Jinnah (c) Muslim League (d) Chandrasekhar and Bhagat Singh

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The longest bone in the human body is 1 Stirrup 2 Back bone 3 Thigh bone 4 Gullet

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Gypsum is added to cement clinker to 1 Increase the tensile strength of cement 2 Bind the particles of calcium silicate 3 Decrease the rate of setting of cement 4 Facilitate the formation of colloidal gel

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19 Answers   Bank Of India, Jammu and Kashmir Bank, Syndicate Bank,

Who was the first recipient of Nehru Award for international Understanding? (a) Martin Luther King (b) Mother Teresa (c) U Thant (d) Dr Jonas Salk

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