Clint Eastwood who was recently is the news is a famous

1 Author

2 Cine artiste

3 Player

4 Magician

Clint Eastwood who was recently is the news is a famous 1 Author 2 Cine artiste 3 Player ..

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(2) Cine artiste

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Days and nights are caused due to the earth?s: (a) rotation (b) revolution (c) gravitational pull (d) nearness to the Sun

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Which of the following vegetable oils does not contain essential fatty acids? (a) Sunflower oil (b) Mustard oil (c) Coconut oil (d) Groundnut oil

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To attain ?nirvana?, the Buddha prescribed: (a) the four noble truths (b) the eightfold path (c) nishkama karma (d) the three jewels

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Central Government employees will be getting an additional dearness allowance with effect from January 1999. How much will be the increase in terms of percengate? 1 5% 2 7% 3 10% 4 15%

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The image of an object formed by a device is always virtual and small. The device in question is a 1 Concave lens 2 Concave mirror 3 Convex lens 4 Glass plate

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plaes send me the sample questions for jindal steel power graduate engineer trainee question papaer

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A new export Zone for giving boost to export of mangoes is being set up in 1 Uttar Pradesh 2 Maharashtra 3 Madhya Pradesh 4 Bihar

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works of sbi

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Which of the following films has won the Academy Award 1999 for the ?Best Film?? 1 Life Is Beautiful 2 When You Believe 3 Saving Private Ryan 4 Shakespeare in Love

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The noted work of Surdas is: (a) Krishna Charit (b) Sursagar (c) Sukhsagar (d) Bhagvad Gita

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Of which fundamental right is a foreigner in India deprived of? (a) To seek justice in court (b) To seek security of life (c) To criticize policies government (d) To vote at the time of Parliamentary election

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In mammals, the part of the brain that has reached highest level of development and that has enabled humans to grow their own crop, invent machines, develop language and art is 1 Cerebrum 2 Cerebellum 3 Medulla oblongata 4 None of these

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