Clint Eastwood who was recently is the news is a famous

1 Author

2 Cine artiste

3 Player

4 Magician

Clint Eastwood who was recently is the news is a famous 1 Author 2 Cine artiste 3 Player ..

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(2) Cine artiste

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Buddhagupta is a great (1) Dramatist (2) Grammarian (3) Mahanavika (4) Painter

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The sea territory of India extends up to: (a) 4 nautical miles (b) 12 nautical miles (c) 200 nautical miles (d) None of these

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The most effective instrument of the militant nationalism which started under the Anti-Partition of Bengal Movement was: (a) Boycott of British goods (b) Swadeshi and boycott (c) public burning of foreign cloth (d) picketing of shops selling foreign cloth

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The year in which the famous Kakatiya temple at Palampet (Ramappa temple) was constructed (1) 1162 A.D. (2) 1191 A.D. (3) 1206 A.D. (4) 1213 A.D.

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Which is the first country in the world to allow mercy-killing after its Senate passed a Bill legalizing euthanasia by 46-28 votes? (A) The Netherlands (B) Nigeria (C) The Philippines (D) Portugal

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. Which of the following was the Rana of Mewar who fought against Aurangzeb (a) Rana Jagat Singh (b) Raja Singh (c) Ajit Singh (d) Jaswant Singh

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The tree whose bark yields quinine used against malaria and bacterial infections is 1 Mangifera 2 Citrus 3 Cinchona 4 Ficus

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How would like give the objective questions for asking in apsrtc OUT questions .

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According to the Annual Monetary Policy Statement for 2003-05, the inflation rate is expected to be approximately 1 4% 2 4.33% 3 4.5% 4 5%

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The upper layer of the granitil rock is referred to as: (a) sial (b) sima (c) nefe

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Which part of the brain controls respiration ? (a) Cerebral cortex (b) Medulla (c) Cerebellum (d) Cerebrum

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The Chaitya Hall at Karle represents a magnificent example of: (a) cave architecture (b) the use of capital (c) mural paintings (d) None of the above

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