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How can you change the primary scripting language for a page?

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Is asp a programming language?

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What does Internet Information Server (IIS) assume to be the default language for Active Server Pages? A. Jscript B. JavaScript C. JAVA D. VBScript E. ECMAScript

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What is the code for closing the form(using controls) instead of directly closing it?

1 Answers   Cisco, CMC,

How can you disable the browser to view the code?

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What is the difference between a namespace and an assembly name?

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What is application object in asp?

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How do you make it so that code runs when the security system is stopping it?

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Short note on creation of job site in ASP.

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how to do process steps fi -mm integration can u define anybody pls

0 Answers   L&T,

What is asp in web technology?

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who is the best Trainer for ASP.NET MVC in Hyderabad?

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what is mean of ASP?

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