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What is the difference between access path and open data path?

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how to update physical file using logucal file with example

1 Answers   Wipro,

In a CL Program after executing a SQL SP how to receive a Output value from the SP. Just to make it clear I am sending 2 input and 1 output parameter to the SQL Stored Procedure. Now while receiving it output parm it is failing.

0 Answers   Nous,

How to read a pf in reverse(from last record to first) using cl?

0 Answers  

one physical file can have how many max of logical files? what is the primary file?

3 Answers   Four soft,

can any one pls tell me some differences between a LF and command OPNQRYF?

3 Answers   Accenture, Cognizant, eFunds,

What is open data path? And what is the difference between access path and open data path?

1 Answers  

what is open data base command

1 Answers   Active Brains, Cognizant, CSC, CTS,

pls anyone explain about compile time array,pre run time array run time array

4 Answers  

If we use the file level keywords like LIFO, FIFO, FCFO in a file, can we see the impact of it by doing the run query of the file? if not how can we see the impact of these keywords.

2 Answers  

wirte a simple program for read file in cl

2 Answers   Active Brains,

Where the QTEMP library will get created? if the the answer is QSYS, then howcome more than one job can create same library name(QTEMP) in QSYS? what is the uniqueness of QTEMP? For example, run the below command in different workstation WRKOBJ QSYS/QTEMP And take 8 in the option to check the description. both will have different info. so where(which LIB) exactly the QTEMP is stored?

2 Answers  

how to add a new field to a file without compiling it?

1 Answers