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The destruction of the Mauryan Empire was followed by a
series of invasions, and the first to invade India were the

1 Bactrian-Greeks

2 Parthians

3 Kushanas

4 Shakas

The destruction of the Mauryan Empire was followed by a series of invasions, and the first to invad..

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(1) Bactrian-Greeks

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Where was the first university in modern India founded? 1 Bombay 2 Calcutta 3 Lahore 4 Madras

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What are Doldrums ? (a) The trade winds (b) Area of great humidity (c) A low pressure belt round the Equator where there are very light winds and calm seas (d) Area where seas are calm

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Which one of the two songs ? Jana Gana Mana, the National Anthem, and Vande Mataram, the National Song ? is older? (a) Jana Gana Mana (b) Vande Mataram (c) The two are contemporary (d) Nothing can be said with certainty

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?Xtra Premium? is a hi-octane petrol marketed by 1 Indian Oil 2 Bharat Petroleum 3 Hindustan Petroleum 4 None of these

6 Answers   BMS,

97 per cent of the air is concentrated in the first: (a) 15 km (b) 20 km (c) 29 km

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What is common to the following ? Pantaloons, Lifestyle, Shopper?s Stop and Westside? 1 They are all owned by the TATA group 2 HDFC has bought a stake in each of these operations 3 They are leaders in the retail store business 4 They are authorized dealers for Khadi Gram Udyog

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Who was the Finance Secretary of India, 1951

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What is the national sport of Japan? (a) Ju-Jitsu (b) Mikado (c) Karate (d) Sumo

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The ligaments join 1 Muscle to muscle 2 Bone to bone 3 Muscle to bone 4 None of these

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Which of the following is an alloy of iron? 1 Monel metal 2 Alnico 3 Gun metal Type metal 4 Type metal

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Nalin Surie?s name was recently in the news as he will be India?s Ambassador to 1 Vietnam 2 Sri Lanka 3 Myanmar 4 China

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Who was the member of the Rajya Sabha when first appointed as the Prime Minister of India ? a) Only Lok Sabha b) Rajya Sabha c) Any Vidhan Sabha d) Either House of Parliament

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