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What is an internal audit?

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which of the following procedure would auditor lease likely perform in planning a financial statement audit?

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What is CARO 2003? What do you mean by management audit?

0 Answers   Ernst Young,

how would be affected the B/L and P/L purchasing OF BRAND NEW Motor vehicle

2 Answers  

How to prepare an Audit Programme of a Private Limited Manufacturing Company? What is the format?

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What aspects interest you in the field of auditing ?

0 Answers   Ernst Young,

why you leave the present job ?

3 Answers   DELL, Lubcom,

what are all the things done by an accountant in small company. for example-if he is maintaining accounts receivable.

1 Answers   Wipro,

I have had a Accounting experience more than 20 year in General Accounting, Traveling & Tourism, and Air lines. Can I change my Job from Accountant to Auditor- Please give me right advise.

3 Answers   Accenture,

what audit procedure i can do in the share capital account of a company and why it have been apply?

0 Answers   ICICI,

What are the importance of internal audit to the organization?

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What is external audit?

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How I can evaluate the internal control audit?

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