Explain the difference between switch & hub?

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Identify the command to determine if CDP is enabled? A.) show enable cdp B.) show cdp enabled C.) show cdp run D.) show cdp

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Identify the length of an IPX address and it's components? A.) 80 bits, 48 bits network and 32 bits node B.) 32 bits, 16 bits network and 16 bits node C.) None of the above D.) 80 bits, 32 bits network and 48 bits node

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What is trigger rip and from which ios version it starts?

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How convergence happen in ospf?

3 Answers   TCS,

Where is the backup configuration file stored? A.) RAM B.) ROM C.) Console D.) NVRAM

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IPX routing updates occur how often? A.) Every 30 seconds B.) Every 60 seconds C.) Only as needed D.) When the remote router asks for an update

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What is syntax of ipv4?

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What is overlaod?

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How does a switch use store and forward? A.) By using a Class I repeater in a collision domain B.) The LAN switch copies the entire frame into its onboard buffers and then looks up the destination address in its forwarding, or switching, table and determines the outgoing interface C.) By using broadcast addresses as source addresses D.) The switch waits only for the header to be received before it checks the destination address and starts forwarding the packets

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What are the Timer of RIP, IGRP, EIGRP and OSPF Routing Protocol?

20 Answers   IBM,

Identify the command that disables name-to-address translation? A.) Router(config-dns)# no ip domain-lookup B.) Router(config)# no address translation C.) Router(config)# no ip domain-lookup D.) Router(config)# ip domain-lookup

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How many ways are there to implement VPN architecture?

0 Answers   CCIE,