Name the command we give for see routing table?

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Hi, gys i am Hasnain alamI want to get certification how do it ? please sugges me.

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Bridges work at what layer of the OSI model? A.) Data Link B.) Network C.) Physical D.) Application

12 Answers   PGT, KVS,

When the router runs out of buffer space, this is called ________. A. Source Quench B. Redirect C. Information Request D. Low Memory

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Identify the statement which connects access-list 101 inbound to interface e0? A.) Router(config-if)# ip access-group 101 in B.) Router(config-if)# ip access-group 101 C.) Router(config)# ip access-group 101 e0 in D.) Router(config)# ip access-group 101 e0 in

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You receive "input filter list is 800 and output filter list is 801" as part of the output from a show interfaces command. What kind of traffic are you filtering? A. IPX/SPX B. TCP/IP C. LocalTalk D. DDR

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what is difference between designated router and backup designated router and explain feature of both router.

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Why we using Tcp/IP. Why we can't use just Tcp ip? What is the meaning of '/' symbol in between this?

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what is firwall and how to work right now my company having a cisco firwall ASA 5505.So please how to block some site on that which form user not able to access site and basic firwall config and why are we using firwall please jittendra explain it.can u send me doc of firwall in my gmail id -

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Which addresses are INCORRECTLY paired with their class? A. 128 to 191, Class B B. 192 to 223 Class B C. 128 to 191, Class C D. 192 to 223, Class C

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Identify the true statement regarding subnetting? A.) Allows for more host address B.) Borrow bits from the network portion of the address C.) Allows for unlimited number of networks D.) Borrow bits from the host portion of the address

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What is Cisco register bits? How they help?

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You are given the IP address of with a subnet mask of What is the network address in binary? A. 10101100 00010000 B. 00000010 10100000 C. 10101100 00000000 D. 11100000 11110000

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