Explain how many types of ips?

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What is the maximum value of administrative you can use?

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what is frame relay.and how it is different from isdn

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What is ping utility?

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What will be the prefix length of 224 in vlsm?

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i want to ask one question that why u guys are not posting the questions is any thing wrong please post question for your and others including me knowledge

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Novell's implementation of RIP updates routing tables every ____ seconds. A. 60 B. 90 C. 10 D. 30

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Your network uses a Class C address of You must now split up the network into separate shores to handle multiple buildings separated by routers. Which two steps must you take to determine the proper shored mask for your networks? (Choose two) A. determine the number of seperate networks required B. determine how many devices will require DHCP addressing C. determine the maximum number of hosts that will be on each shored D. determine the miniumum number of hosts that will be on each shored E. determine which router will be the IP default gateway for each shored

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Identify 2 HDLC characteristics? A.) Default serial encapsulation B.) Open standard C.) Supports Stacker compression D.) Supports point-to-point and multipoint

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What are the different types of VPN?

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Which command enables directly connected network to be used by RIP? A. Router(config router)# rip B. Router(config router)# rip C. Router(config router)# network D. Router(config router)# network

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srry for inconvnce ..here is complete qs...ignore the previous 1 3 router configured with RIP & Ripv2 rotuer 1- connected with router 2 having sr ip routing : ripv2 E0: router 2: connected with router 1 and router 3 having sr 0 ip & sr 1 ip routing :rip & ripv2 E0= router 3: connected with router 2 having sr ip routing: rip E0= is there communication possible?

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In STP the Root Bridge Sends the BPDU in Every 2 Sec,In BPDU What kind of Information is i.e. What kind of information BPDU Contains?

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