Explain how many types of ips?

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What does 'P' mean when running a Trace? A.) Good route B.) Protocol unreachable C.) Source Quench D.) Destination unreachable

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When does network congestion occurs?

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How we put NIC in promiscuous mode when using MS windows, can any one tell me in detail

1 Answers   Cisco, IBM,

Which of the following encapsulation types can be used on leased-line connections? (Choose two) ❍ A. HDLC ❍ B. Frame Relay ❍ C. ISDN ❍ D. PPP

10 Answers   Wipro,

Which command displays access list 111? A. show access-list 111 B. show ip access-list 111 C. display ip access-list 111 D. display access-list 111 details

6 Answers   Satyam,

Explain what is overlaod?

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Identify the OSI layer associated with bits? A.) Physical B.) Network C.) Binary D.) Data link

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What is SIA (Stuck in Active) in EIGRP?

7 Answers   Cap Gemini, Hathway, Reliance Jio,

What is the command to manually enter a static route? A.) IP route network B.) IP route C.) IP route < destination network> D.) IP route

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What do we check while configuring the server?

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Choose the following that are benefits to segmenting with router: A.) Flow Control B.) Manageability C.) Multiple Active Paths D.) Explicit packet lifetime control

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What are 10base2, 10base5 and 10baset ethernet lans?

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