Explain the types of ospf configuration?

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Identify the command mode necessary to enter the standard ping command? A.) Router(config)# B.) Router> C.) Router(std-ping)# D.) Router(config-if)#

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Which OSI layer handles physical address, network topology? A.) Presentation B.) Physical C.) Transport D.) Application E.) Data-Link F.) Network

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Routers can learn about destinations through static routes, default, or dynamic routing. By default, a router will use information derived from __________. A. IGRP B. RIP C. IP D. TCP

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Explain the benefits of vlan?

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Identify 3 characteristics of a connection oriented protocol? A.) Path determination B.) Flow control C.) Acknowledgements D.) Uses hop count as metric E.) 3 step handshake

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Which of the following statements are true? A.) Store and forward switching creates variable latency through the switch B.) Cut through switching creates variables latency through the switch C.) Cut through switching works at wire speed D.) Store and forward switching works at wire speed

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Identify the command to configure the configuration-register? A.) Router# config-register 0x2102 B.) Router(config)# config-register 0x2102 C.) Router(config-reg)# 0x2102 D.) Router> config-register 0x2102

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What is mac address size of ipv6?

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What is hsrp?

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what is ip address?

3 Answers   HCL,

What is the difference between named and extended acl?

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