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How many fillers we can put in one ip of ipv6?

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A user device that connects to a DCE must be which of the following? A.) DTE B.) CPE C.) Demarc D.) DCE E.) CO

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what is uplink port why are we use this port,this port having extra feature or only use to redundant link or other please explain it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, bcz i am very confuse ..... Thanks

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What metric does rip use? How is the metric used to indicate an unreachable network?

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hi shain can u send me some detail about bgp so that i can enhance my knowledge over bgp and can you also teach me about the process of suppernating. now what i am thinking that this could be last visit on that site please mail that short of thing on my gmail id i am requesting to all of the visitor that please send theire doubt or question to my new gmail id which is will try to solve it if i am capable to do it Wishing all of you for great future Jitendera kaumar sinha

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How signalling can be explained in D channel of ISDN?

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Which OSI layer supports the communication component of an application? A.) Data-Link B.) Physical C.) Session D.) Presentation E.) Application F.) Transport

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Differentiate User Mode from Privileged Mode?

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Tell me how much internal and external ad of eigrp protocol?

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Identify 2 features of PPP CHAP authentication? A.) Username and password is sent in clear text B.) Authentication messages are sent periodically during the connection C.) Less secure then PAP D.) Local router 'challenges' the remote router

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In stp which protocol is used for detrming root port root bridge ,forwarding port and blocking port

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What is the default encapsulation of Netware 3.12? A.) Ethernet_II B.) 802.5 C.) 802.2 D.) 802.3

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Which statement about the flow control function of TCP is true? A. TCP makes no snarl to check for lost or duplicate data packets B. The application layer must sequence data packets when using TCP C. TCP controls the flow of UDP data through negative acknowledgements (NAK) D. TCP is a connection-oriented protocol that acknowledges receipt of data packets and is considered reliable

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