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(1) African Liberation Front

(2) The uprising in the Baltic States

(3) Right-wings terrorist group

(4) The uprisings in West Bank of Gaza

INTIFADA is the (1) African Liberation Front (2) The uprising in the Baltic States (3) Righ..

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( 4 ) The uprisings in West Bank of Gaza

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More General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions

Who among the following has issued various accounting standards to be followed by the various companies in India? (1) Registrar of Companies (2) Ministry of Finance, Government of India (3) Accounting Standards Board of ICAI (4) Indian Bureau of Standards (5) World Trade Organisation (WTO)

3 Answers  

Which of the following powers is exclusively vested in the Rajya Sabha? (A) To initiate impeachment proceedings against the President (B) To recommend the creation of new All India Services (C) To remove the Vice-President (D) All the above powers

3 Answers  

A moderator is used in nuclear reactors in order to 1 Increase the number of neutrons 2 Decrease the number of neutrons 3 Slow down the speed of neutrons 4 Accelerate the neutrons

1 Answers  

One of the following has less starch, fat and cholesterol (1) Bhendi (2) Pumpkin (3) Radish (4) Edible mushroom

1 Answers  

Which one of the following statements is not correct? 1 Deccan Plateau slopes towards the west 2 Height of the Western Ghats increases from north to south 3 Western Ghats are complaratively higher than the Eastern Ghats 4 The north-western part of the Deccan Plateau is made up of lave flows

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The predominant type of organization in Indian industry is (1) Partnership (2) Joint Stock Company (3) Cooperatives (4) Proprietorship

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According to the targets set by WHO, polio will be eradicated from the world by the end of which of the following years? 1 2000 2 2001 3 2002 4 2003

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The ?Lepchas? are mostly found in an Indian State namely: (a) Assam (b) Arunachal Pradesh (c) Sikkim (d) Jammu & Kashmir

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Which of the following States has introduced three different coloured ration cards for three different segments of the society identified on the basis of their annual family income? 1 Maharashtra 2 Gujarat 3 Kerala 4 None of these

1 Answers  

The Khajuraho temples were constructed by: (a) the Parmar rulers (b) the Chandel rulers (c) the Solanki rulers (d) Lalitaditya

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Gegong Apang, who was recently in the news, has resigned from Chief Ministership of which of the following States? 1 Mizoram 2 Nagaland 3 Arunachal Pradesh 4 Tripura

1 Answers  

…won the Durand Cup 2003. 1 Army Club 2 Mohammadan Sporting 3 East Bengal 4 Mohan Bagan

2 Answers