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Explain me what the webdriver supported mobile testing drivers do you know?

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what are the questions that are generally asked in an interview if a person is having 3-4 years of exp..and in ds exp 2 yrs exp is wd automation testing

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i am looking for HP QTP automated testing software, do you offers reselling this software or should i directly purchase with HP

1 Answers   HP,

i have one answer from you that today the test cases are not stored in the database(SQL server 2005). But in automation testing where does the test case store? plz tell me... i have more confusion

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What are the advantages of the automation framework?

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How can a mainframe application be tested using Automation tools. I mean which is the best tool to do Mainframe testing?

2 Answers   GE, Xansa,

If testing is done using white box testing,then what is the need of using Black box testing again? I mean when unit testing and Integration testing is done at Coding level, what is the need of testing again at testing level?

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worksoft automation tool how do you create process ?

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What are the pre-requisites to start automation testing?

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What is meant by the automation framework?

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how to choose a test automation tool?

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Tell me what is a keyword-driven framework?

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Do you know what is the difference between "type" and "typeandwait" command?

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