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Can you please explain the difference between differentiate between consignor and consignee?

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Who is lance Armstrong ?

1 Answers   DMRC,

What is the meaning of Journal Voucher? when u have to use this transaction tell me breif?

4 Answers  

what is depreciation?

5 Answers  

If ABC security service provider monthly bill for the month of Jan is Rs.2,00,000/- including TDS 2% and Service Tax 12%, Edu.Cess 2% and SHE Cess 1% what is the journal entry.

3 Answers   ABC,

Name three (3) fixed-income security types

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what is the difference in direct expenses and indirect expenses?

9 Answers  

what is depriciation, and its method

3 Answers   Capital IQ,

what do you consider to be the biggest challenge facing the accounting profession today?

0 Answers  

Why don't calculate the depreciation on Land & Devlopment.? Explain.

5 Answers  

What is the purpose of accounts like e.g. expense accounts assigned a account number 0040, principal account assigned anumber 0060.In our general ledger software such numbers are assigned.I want to know how these numbers (accounts) help in maintaing accounts of a company (like bank reconciliation).

0 Answers  

what is the treatment for employee contribution and employer contribution in in pf in accounts under which head??

0 Answers  

How to create Donation entry In tally? Company donate Rs. 250000 to TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL

7 Answers   Sigma IT,