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Explain things that fall under intangible asset?

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journelising the following? dpereciation of plant & machinery rs 30000/- interest accrued but not received Rs 15000/- prepaid insurance Rs 10000/- drawings of cash Rs 5000/- withdrew goods for personnel use Rs 2000/- what is cost centre? How do you verify the correctness of material control system? How many directors are required at a minium for Private ltd and public ltd companies? How do you compute the following ratios? current ratio net profit ratio gross profit ratio debt service coverage ratio sales turnover ratio

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Is it compulsary to give TOEFL for applying US visa.

0 Answers   US Consulate,

Why is Interest A/c debited and Bank a/c credited when interest is charged by the bank?? Here I assume Its an expenses so interest is debited but I don't understand why bank is credited?? Bank is a personal account. Please explain this doubt?

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What is an Debenture

6 Answers   Thomson Reuters,

What Does Phantom Gain Mean?

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Labour charge 100000  deduction tds 5%

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share premium

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Goods lost by fire rs.5000 it was partly insured insurance company admit the claim for 3500 what will be the journal entry

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What are the columns of a journal?

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how to pass return cheque entry in tally erp 9 

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Do you know company's payable cycle?

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what is factory account. Descibe in details

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