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Tell us what is the abbreviation for the accounting terms debit and credit?

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What is the entry to be made when any service tax is paid for any vehicle hired or any service used when tax is included in that bill

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Calculate the missing figures for company A. A Sales (TSR) (a) Total Variable Costs (TVC) (b) Total Fixed Costs (TFC) $24,000.00 Profit $0.00 Units Sold 1,000.00 Contribution Margin Per Unit (CMU) (c) Contribution Margin Ratio (CMR) (d) Break-Even Point (BEP) (Units) (e) Break-Even Point (BEP) (Dollars) $60,000.00

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what is accrual concept?

7 Answers   Capital IQ, Genpact, TCS,

what is penaultimate sale

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How to pass an general entry for materials which are stored in warehouses??????

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How to create Donation entry In tally? Company donate Rs. 250000 to TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL

6 Answers   Sigma IT,

What is general entry credit purchase?

26 Answers   Infosys,

1.Is deprciation a source of funds? How is it treated in calculatiing fund from operations? 2. What is standard costing? Ple. give its advantages. 3. What do you mean by solvency ratios. List two types of solvency ratios which are used by variuos firms. 4. What is objectives of Job costing? 5. Explain Brifly two capital budgeting technique using discounted cash flow criteria.

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what is ment by suspence account and dummy account

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How can i write off bad debt in tally erp9 ?

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what is a gross profit ratio?

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what is reccission?how it is started

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