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What are the various techniques in white box testing?

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What is big bang approach?

0 Answers  

what is meant by alpha testing?

7 Answers   STC,

HI frnds, can any one tel me..when a tester can starts test case writing? reply sooooon plss..

5 Answers   Polaris,

What is mean by "instance" in case of software testing..?

4 Answers  

What is un-installation testing?

0 Answers  

when do you stop your testing

2 Answers  

What is Management Testing?

2 Answers  

how will the test plan is pepared in ur organisation>?

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iam new testing, i want improve writing test cases and bug defect etc? any on give suggestion pls?

0 Answers   Satyam,

In the Testing, How do we find the Duplicate Defects. In the case of testing is going on On-site r off-shore..some times on site and off-shore people may enter defects at the same time..those may include duplicate defects. how we have to find those defects..

1 Answers   ACS,

Tell me what all u have done for 2 years as a manual tester in your company

1 Answers   TCS,

What is difference between Smoke&Sanitary Testing?

9 Answers   HCL, Infotech,