Can you tell how to find the number of rows in a resultset using php?

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Why are function needed?

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How do you start and stop MySQL on Windows?

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What are the types of database engines available in mysql?

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What language is mysql written in?

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I want to make a query where I want to eliminate the duplicate rows from the table. For example : Input : Table : NAME Column1 Column2 India USA USA India UK India India UK The desired output that I want to eliminate the duplicates Output India USA UK India Thanks

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what is the difference between MyIsam and InnoDb engine?

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What?s the default port for MySQL Server?

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What is indexing in mysql?

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What is the use of mysqli_connect in php?

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If we create a column with data type VARCHAR(3), what would we expect to see in MySQL table?

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What are the differences between drop a table and truncate a table?

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How you will Show unique records.

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