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Among the non-foodgrain crops, the largest area is devoted
to the cultivation of

(1) Jute

(2) Oilseeds

(3) Cotton

(4) Sugarcane

Among the non-foodgrain crops, the largest area is devoted to the cultivation of (1) Jute (2)..

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( 2 ) Oilseeds

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The winter rains in north-western India are caused by the 1 Westerly depressions 2 Retreating monsoon 3 Trade winds 4 South-westerly monsoon

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????? was the Prime Minister of England, when India became independent. (1) Churchil (2) Attlee (3) Chamberlain (4) Wilson

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Which one of the following are colonial in habit? (A) Termites (B) Bed bugs (C) Aphids (D) Locusts

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Southern most part of India : (1) is Kanyakumari (2) Lay in Niobtet Island (3) is Nagercoil (4) Vivekananda rock

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The Supreme Commander of India?s Armed Forces is: (1) Defence Minister (2) President (3) Vice President (4) Prime Minister

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All the veins carry deoxygenated blood, except 1 Hepatic vein 2 Subclavian vein 3 Pulmonary vein 4 Portal vein

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Which State has maximum area under forest? (a) UP (b) Assam (c) Madhya Pradesh (d) Orissa

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In which of the following areas the evergreen variety of the tropical rain forests are found? (a) Western ghats (b) Assam (c) West Bengal (d) Orissa (e) All of these

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The Right to Constitutional Remedies has been granted under article (a) 30 (b) 31 (c) 32 (d) 35

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C-DOT is the name given to (1) A new computer language (2) Center for Development of Telematics (3) Council for Development and Training (4) Committee of Developing Nations

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Under the Cabinet Mission Plan, the Constituent Assembly was to consist of (a) 500 members (b) 389 members (c) 349 members (d) 400 members

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The Puranas are: (a) 4 in number (b) 7 in number (c) 10 in number (d) 18 in number

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