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Temparature of liquid helium is about

(1) ? 2690C

(2) ? 770C

(3) ?1960C

(4) ?40C

Temparature of liquid helium is about (1) ? 2690C (2) ? 770C (3) ?1960C (4) ?40C..

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( 1 ) ? 2690C

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Where are the headquarters of Asian Development Bank located? 1 Singapore 2 New Delhi 3 Hanila 4 Mumbai

5 Answers   Bhel, State Bank Of India SBI,

Please give institutes or college name, which will convert life experience into a valid diploma in engineering in india

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Which of the following parts of the plant is used for the extraction of opium? 1 Capsules 2 Flowers 3 Leaves 4 Roots

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Who amongst the following is the author of the book ‘Pakistan Papers? 1 Mani Shankar Aiyer 2 Benazir Bhutto 3 Kuldeep Nayyar 4 Janardan Thakur

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The new name of Burma is: (a) Yangon (b) Myanmar (c) Rangoon (d) Kampuchea

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The political and cultural center of the Pandyas was (a) Vengi (b) Madurai (c) Kanchipuram (d) Mahabalipuram

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The OPEC member countries number: (a) 10 (b) 13 (c) 12 (d) 11

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Akbar was bron in Sind instead of the royal palace because : (a) his mother?s home was there (b) good maternity care was to be had there (c) his parents were fleeing from Sher Shah (d) his parents were on vacation

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All speeches and remarks made in the House of the People are addressed to the (a) Prime Minister (b) Speaker (c) Minister concerned (d) President of India

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The President (a) Is not bound by the advice of the Cabinet (b) Is bound by the advice of the Cabinet (c) Can ignore the advice given by the Cabinet (d) Can act against the advice of the Cabinet

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. The half-life of a radioactive element in 5 years. The fraction of the radioactive substance that remains after 20 years is (a) ½ (b) ¼ (c) 1/8 (d) 1/16

1 Answers   DSSSB-Delhi Subordinate Service Selection Board,

The First Gurkha War is an important event in the administration of: (a) Lord Wallesley (b) Lord Minto (c) Lord Hastings (d) Lord Amherst

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