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what does myisamchk do? : Sql dba

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how to create a table index in mysql? : Sql dba

0 Answers  

how to install mysql? : Sql dba

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How do you delete duplicates in sql query using rowid?

0 Answers  

How to return multiple records from procedure?

2 Answers  

Name Salary Abc 50000 Abc 50000 xyz 20000 find the max salary using aggregate function?

2 Answers   CTS,

Is sql open source?

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take one table is t1 and in that column name is f1 f1 column values are 200 5000 3000 7000 300 600 100 400 800 400 i want display the values asc and desc in a single output. sample output is f1.a 100 200 300 400 500 600 etc...... and f1.d is 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 etc...

9 Answers   Zensar,

i have a word ***********hello********world******. I require a o/p **********hello world**********, Need to delete the middle stars.

3 Answers  

What is group by in sql?

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Why indexing is needed?

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Which table is left in join?

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What is loop in pl sql?

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