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What is a quick test professional?

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what is output parameters in qtp?explain? 2)

2 Answers   Span Infotech, TCS,

Can anybody give the script to addsheet, add column,add values under that column in the rows?

2 Answers   McAfee,

write a script for allinterview-submit Question first we've to select Choose Category,second select Sub- Category(Which is comes in to runtime)third select Question Type.for that give some descriptive and vb script

0 Answers  

I'm having a problem to get the status(pass or fail) during runtime for every iteration ran, and must get the results stored to an excel sheet if possible.

1 Answers   FAI,

i have 100 manual test cases, how to automate from no 1. ols detail steps

1 Answers  

Can anyone please explain me the process of automating an application using QTP as i am new to this?

1 Answers   Fidelity,

How many tabs are available to view your test in a test pane and what are they?

0 Answers  

How many types of Automation frameworks are there in UFT? Describe them.

0 Answers  

interviwer asks what is data table? my ans is Data table is an internal Excel file of QTP...intervier not happy with this also? can u post any other answer?

3 Answers   Accenture,

Consider a scenario where there are two action sheets say action 1 and action 2. Can Action 1 take values from action 2 data sheet or vice versa. If so, how?

6 Answers   Oracle, TCS,

What is environment variable in qtp and why to use it?

0 Answers  

How to use descriptive programming?

0 Answers